Brunch under the duvet: Brooklyn Boy Bagels

Apparently the weather on Sunday won't give us the motivation to set foot outside... An alternative solution must be found. Don't worry, we've got you covered!

Dvd collection: check
Room temperature: check
Groceries: arghhhh !

The program of the day - DO NOTHING -

This is where Brooklyn Boy Bagels (the best bagels in Australia) comes in. Its Sunday home-delivered bagels and cream cheeses is the ally of rainy days, slipper skippers, amateurs of Sundays dedicated to movies and series or a good book.

Jump online and email Brooklyn Boy Bagels the day before  - generally by about 2pm - to order your choice of plain, caraway seed, garlic, poppyseed, sesame seed, a mix of all five or the cinnamon and raisin. It also offers an ever-evolving selection of house-made cream cheeses such as: dulce de leche; garlic, chive and spring onion and bacon, bourbon and maple. Yummy!

Bring a little piece of New-York in your home without lifting a finger!

Brooklyn Boy Bagels
Deliveries are typically made between 6am-9am on Sunday
FREE home delivery for minimum orders of $60