During the Prohibition era, speakeasies were the secret bars where people could get their hands on some booze. Many of them were underground, hidden in the back rooms of laundromats, or hidden away behind unmarked doors…

If you pass in front or FoxTrot, you can’t imagine that inside is hidden one of the oldest and most beloved bars by lisboners.
Visitors must ring the doorbell to be let in. Inside: the four-room Art Deco, the sensual soft lighting, the Wednesday night jazz, the endless cocktails list and the cheeky vibes make you feel you are into a retro movie.

The cocktail list is quite impressive but if you’d like to be a bite more adventurous, the bartenders will be happy to customize any drink you want. Also it’s the is the kind of speakeasy that does food just as well as their cocktails. So if you feel a little peckish, order tuna or meat croquettes, toasted sandwich or hot dogs.

In the winter, the busiest place will be the one by the fireplace… In the summer, not the rooms but the courtyard gets crowded. So get ready to jump into the past and a spend one great night!

Bar Foxtrot
Travessa de Santa Teresa, 28,Lisbon
Monday to Saturday: 6pm-3am
Sunday: 8pm- 2pm