The intimate and hidden tiny night club : Le Baron Lisboa

PAINFULLY cool Paris-based club Le Baron is opening its doors in London for the first time next week, hidden within London institution Embassy. With existing venues in the French capital and in Tokyo, the club is known for its intimate and hedonistic parties`

Le Baron est la révélation 2005. Pourquoi ? Parce que Le Baron est un ghetto intimiste pour population branchée. Lire la suite

Le Baron est la révélation 2005 : pourquoi ? Parce que le Baron est un ghetto intimiste pour bobos branchés avec une musique très accessible et d'excellents cocktails. Le tout Paris s'y trouve. Le Baron n'est pas très grand donc souvent rempli.

L’équipe de La Clique a fait de cet ancien bar à hôtesses l'un des clubs les plus courus de la hype parisienne, où se mêlent habitués et VIP.  Ne tentez même pas de rentrer si vous ne connaissez pas un « baronneur » pour vous accompagner, les physios vous repousseront froidement. L’ambiance est cosy et tamisée, forcément intimiste vu la taille de l’endroit. On y vient se montrer, boire une piscine (champagne avec de la glace), discuter avec des beautifuls pipole à frange ou à moustache, et se déhancher sur un mini-dancefloor jusqu’à l’aube. L’ambiance est plutôt club électro ou 80’s, avec des concerts live le mardi soir. Les verres sont logiquement exorbitants mais ici l’argent coule à flot..

Le Baron nightclub in Paris is one of the sexiest spots in the city of love. A combination of old school boheme and modern clubbing trends, it will provide you with a unique, artistic environment in which to relax with your partner or friends. Do not expect the standard rave looks and music in this venue.

The decor is unique to say the least. Look out for geometric patterns with a modern twist, sophisticated panelling, exposed brickwork, neon lights in a variety of shapes, exposed lightbulbs, and modern art, in a mix and match that shouldn't work but somehow does. You will feel whisked away to a red light party in a chic lounge, surrounded by beautiful people in flattering red lighting. The little candles and the odd yellow or amber bulb adds some much needed warmth to the environment, creating a perfectly romantic setting.

Incredibly intimate, soft little booths invite you to settle in with your lover or your friends for a relaxed and fun evening. The seating might be a little bit small for people used to big, plush chairs, but if you are familiar with a standard barstool you might not even notice the restriction. And, speaking of barstools, it is not recommended to wait at the bar with your drinks. They do not have seating there, and the bar is an acceptable size, but not huge, so it is better to order and then take your drink with you.

The selection of drinks itself is especially good, in particular the range of French wines of various types and vintages. Ask your bartender what drink they recommend for the night and go with what they suggest for a more fun experience. There are so many drinks available at the full bar, including small batches and speciality cocktails, that you may not be able to pick right away. Let your sense of adventure take over.

Again, as with all Parisian nightclubs, the party does not get started until after one or two in the morning. Just when American and English clubs are nearing closing time, France comes to life. The beats are strong and you will really feel at one with the crowd when you start dancing. The music is EDM and remixes, not much popular music or top 40s style tracks in this venue.

Le Baron Lisboa
R. Nova da Trindade 5, Lisboa