Party in a Museum: MCA Art Bar

Ever dream of a sunny lunch, a coffee break (accompanied by one of these fabulous pastries) or a dining experience, all that at height and face to face with the Opera House or the Harbour Bridge? Good news, it's possible! The Terrace which will make you happy is located on the 4th floor of the Museum of Contemporary Art in the Rocks.

For those of you who don't know yet, we have a little secret to tell you ... Every last Friday of the month, the quiet and peaceful terrace turns into the ARTBAR. But what is that? It’s art but not as you know it, it's an unique gallery experience: The music is good, live performances are consecutive but dissimilar, you can go around the museum with your glass of wine, share a plater of meat and cheese, dance furiously and smile to The Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.
SO, happy?

MCA terrace cafe
140 George Street The Rocks 2000
Opening Hours
Mon-Wed: 10am-5pm
Thu: 10am-9PM
Fri-Sun: 10am-5m
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140 George Street The Rocks 2000
Held on the last Friday of each month
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