Tantura named from the fishermen village where restaurateurs Elad Bodenstein and Itamar Eliyahuo come from is an ode to Israeli food. But not only, thanks to their origins stretching from Poland to the Middle East through the Mediterranean, so does the food at Tantura.

If you’re a fan of shakshuka, Tantura won’t disappoint. There are eight types of hummus, including one with minced meat and another with smoked cauliflower, and four kinds of shakshuka. According to the premise “Sharing is caring” all the dishes are meant to be shared. Also there is a lot of vegetarian and vegan options, so it’s the perfect spot for all your little vegan fellows…

The space is nice and cosy, with peacock blue walls and and melted candles it give the warm sensation of entering the home of an old friend.

Gather your friends vegan or carnivore and get ready to satisfy your Shakshuka craving!

Tel: (+351) 218-096-035
Rua de Trombeta 1D, Bairro Alto, Lisboa
Tuesday-Sunday 18:30pm-00:00am